Everyone Has A Story

My Sister's Closet has a very long history and I think to better understand my passion is have a short history lesson. One of my favorite sayings is "Everyone has a story" and I truly believe this.  This is a chapter of mine.
In June of 1980, I was twenty nine, mother of two when I received a call that my incredible mother had suffered a massive stroke in her sleep and had passed away.  I  had only  talked with her hours before.  To this day, I will never stop missing her and all that she has missed.  My father ten years her senior, passed away nineteen months later.  They were still living in the apartment where we lived as a family-the only home I had known until I had married.  My uncle owned the building and wanted to rent our apartment and so began the rediscovering of childhood memories for my sister and I.
It was decided that we would meet there every Tuesday until we had completed our task or should I say journey.  My father worked at the family business which was hair goods and all kinds of "beauty" salon supplies.  My mother helped out and took her salary in combs, brushes, shampoo and more.  My uncle let her use a small storage space in the basement and it was there that she kept her stash. 
When our clean out was accomplished we looked at our eighty carton collection of lifetime memories and my mother's savings of a full storage space.  My "older" sister exclaims,  "We have enough to open our own store."  There was no way I was going to join in for this new venture.  I was a single mom, teaching part-time with a three year old daughter and a five year old son.  My sister informed me quickly, "Then, I will do it without you."  That really got to me - when an older sister informs you that in no uncertain terms she was already behind the counter.  I agreed to watch her begin and think about my decision. 
Well, you know what happened - I joined in, took my children to work with me and my life changed forever.  The story of course does not end here- there is definitely a lot more to come.

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