About Us

Joanne Nusbaum, Owner of My Sister's Closet Chicago
"It matters to me that every customer gets the look they want while enjoying the shopping experience."  Joanne Nusbaum, Owner


In June of 1982, My Sister's Closet opened on Devon Avenue in Chicago occupying 1,000 square feet.  As one of the first resale stores in Chicago, we quickly found our place in the consignment and resale industry.  My Sister's Closet originally was owned by two sisters who shared a closet growing up in the Windy City.

Fifteen years later, and a store bursting with women's and children's apparel.  My Sister's Closet moved down the street to its present location of 3,600 square feet.  November 1, 2013 the store expanded to over 6,000 square feet by taking over the store next door.  Currently owned by one of the original sisters, Joanne Nusbaum, My Sister's Closet continues to hold its place in the business of resale.  

In addition to great merchandise, My Sister's Closet still prides itself in knowing and getting to know their customers.  Many years ago a customer gave us a plaque that said, "There are no strangers here, only friends we have not met."  My Sister's Closet continues to grow by adding new ideas, merchandise and friends.