Her Own Pants

In June of 2019 My Sister's Closet celebrated 38 years in business.  It has grown from 1,000 square feet to 6,000 and from serving a single generation to four.  It has grown from zero employees to eleven and from 500 consignors to 6,000.  Almost everywhere I go people want to hear stories and of course, I have my favorites.  Here is one of my first ones- probably happened over 35 years ago.
A customer who was both a shopper and a consignor was trying on pants in a fitting room.  She brings her purchase to the front counter-one pair of black pants and pair of brown.  I inform her that I can not sell her these pants because she is buying her own pants.  "No wonder they fit perfectly," she exclaims "I got up this morning and could not find either pair of pants so I came here to get two new pairs." As she left with her own pants she turned and said to me, "I know as soon as I leave you will call your sister and get a good laugh." I did and I still love this story.
This happened because at this time we were not computerized.  Everyone's code was the first initial of their last name plus a number.  I had memorized most codes so I easily knew she was buying her own pants.  Today with 6,000 consignors and totally computerized it would not have been so easy.  Fast forward - She had moved away and I saw her about ten years later at a counter working at a department store.  We stopped and talked and I wondered was she thinking the same thing I was?  I did not ask.

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