Joanne, You Could Write A Book...

   People for years have said to me, "Joanne you could write a book."  I know I have a story to tell but just never had the time or patience to sit down and do it.  As I was driving to work one day thinking about my new website an idea popped into my head..."Tell your story in a blog."  So here it is - my journey in Joanne's Journal.  This will not be my life story but more about the story of My Sister's Closet and if pieces of my life fit in from time to time, I will invite all of you in.
     In planning my new website I wanted to somehow show you what makes My Sister's Closet so special.  Is it because our goal is to make you feel special? Is it because we want you to have a great experience and really enjoy shopping?  Is it because we want you to leave feeling good inside whether you have made a purchase or not?  Anyone can go into a store and find something to purchase, but our goal is to offer you more then that.  So that my friends, new or old, is the purpose of Joanne's Journal.
     Many of you will be only purchasing online or from our Facebook Live.  You might never walk through our physical door.  Hopefully by reading entries here, you will be able to walk in our door and enjoy your visit, in my home away from home.

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