Laughter is the Best Medicine

A number of years ago, a dear friend was ill and I offered to bring her home dresses to try on for an upcoming family wedding. We both enjoyed the process especially because she found a unique black evening gown that was perfect for her. Purchase completed, I casually mentioned to make sure that the consignor is not on the guest list.  This was her nephew's wedding so she confirmed with her sister-in-law that she would be safe and our mission was completed.  (As I mentioned earlier I never reveal any owner's names but this was an exception.  After 38 years I do believe there is always an exception to almost any rule.)
The evening comes, my friend looks beautiful and I was also thrilled.  Early the following morning my phone rings, from my friend with an update on the evening's events.  My friend explains to me that while she is dancing a woman walks up to her and exclaims, "You look wonderful - believe it or not I have that same dress in my closet at home."  My friend wanted to explain to her that she no longer had the dress in her closet, but thought better.  Instead she whispered to her husband, "Dance me as far away as you can."  My friend knew this was a match and we decided she must have been invited on the bride's side.
At the time I probably had owned My Sister's Closet over twenty years and had never been caught at an event in a consignor's clothes!  My wardrobe consists almost entirely from my store or other friend's consignment stores, but my friend was able to do something I had never done before.  We all got a great laugh from this story and we enjoyed that story for weeks to come.  At that moment "Laughter is the best medicine" certainly rang true.

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