am not sure which came first - vanity plates or My Sister's Closet.  In trying to decide how long I have had my plates I was led to ask Google.  According to them, seven letter plates became available in 1984, so I guess that settles it, My Sister's Closet came first. That means that in 1984-1985 my husband surprised me with license plates SISCLST.  It sure has helped me when I valet park, for I can always remember my plates. 
I have become quite attached to them and at this point will always treasure them.  At times, someone will recognize me when I am driving and ask if I can save them a trip to the store or porch (definitely a blog or two, or twenty for a later date).   Hating to say "No" (another blog for a later date) I open my hatch and a bag or two or ten find their new home.  Wait, my vanity plates are not the subject of this blog so let's continue.
The other night after a very hard day at the store, my husband informs me there is something he wants to show me in the garage.  I know it is not a new car because 1.) We never drive new cars, only "pre-owned" ones of course and 2.) Change is very hard for me, so I will drive my car until it is too tired to move. When that happens I will get the exact same car because I like the seat and the number combination lock on the outside of the car.
Off the track again - We proceed to walk around to the rear of his car and he shows off his new vanity plate. MR SCLST..  He explains how proud he is of me and even though this business consumes me much of the time, it has definitely been quite the ride.

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