Sweet Dreams

During this incredibly challenging time, the President of NARTS (National Association of Resale and Thrift Stores) has held a seminar using Facebook Live every night. It has been an incredible undertaking on his part. 

For resale businesses across the United States and Canada it has been an opportunity to learn and stay connected supporting each other. Many nights I have relaxed in bed watching these "Live" events. One night I realized I had fallen asleep and woke up and the seminar had concluded. 

My phone rang and it was my daughter informing me her dearest friend had called from California and said, "Jill, your mom is sleeping on Facebook Live. Is she OK?." A few more calls followed with the same inquiry from friends. 

We were hysterical, but at the same time I told my daughter to please take this down immediately.  She preferred I watch it first, but I chose to spare myself this visual memory.  The good news was I was dressed and not wearing one of my "around" the house outfits. Owning a shop has its challenges as people always ask me, "Did you buy that at your store?" 

Such pressure! The end of the story was - Yes, I was embarrassed but it was so worth the laugh and to be able to share this story with you!

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