The "Perfect" Gift

One afternoon a consignor brought in a very interesting centerpiece made from various serving pieces glued together.  She is in the restaurant business and received this as a gift.  It was quite large and quite different-a true statement piece.

After a week it still sat on a shelf until one day a customer was thrilled to purchase it as a hostess gift to a special friend.  She happily brings it to the counter and I had the feeling that I knew what would happen next.  She tells me where she is going that night and asks me if I thought her friend would like it. 

Although, I never divulge who was the previous owner of any item or the names of any of my consignors, I had to inform her that I did not think this would be the best gift for her friend.  You see, it was her friend who had brought it in to sell.  Someone else had already thought it would be the perfect gift for her.  We had a wonderful laugh and that certainly was "the gift that keeps on giving".

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